Keynote: The Future of Money and Finance - John Easton
When Adam Smith wrote "All money is a matter of belief" he could not have foreseen the world that we see today. The very concepts of money and finance are changing beyond recognition, beyond belief. In many places, cash is no longer accepted for buying goods. We see the widespread demise of things like cheques and the rise of cryptocurrencies. We may get our finance from challenger banks using FinTech services. We see widespread disruption in what was once thought to be solid and predictable. This session will look at the future of money and finance. It will show how technology is enabling change and where this journey is already starting to take us.

  Keynote: IBM i and the Paradox of Approximate Computing - Alison Butterill
No one will argue that computing, across hardware and software, has evolved over the past 30  years to allow us to do things about which our grandparents never dreamed.  Would they have guessed that all that computational power, combined with unfathomable volumes of data, would be used to get less accurate answers? That is the strength and beauty of the cognitive era, as computing works like our brains not giving the “right” answer, but to deliver the “best” answer. IBM i, with its integrated database, linkages to the latest programming languages, and connections to the very latest cognitive applications is just as relevant in the era of approximate computing as it was at its inception.


2017 State of IBM i Security - Robin Tatam
HelpSystems has audited thousands of IBM i servers over the past 14 years, gaining extensive, real-world insight into the deployment state of IBM i security controls.
The results of this wildly popular study, The State of IBM i Security, have revealed vulnerabilities that even auditors miss—providing invaluable insight in seven configuration categories:
• Network-initiated commands & data access
• Server-level security controls
• Profile and password settings
• Administrative capabilities
• Public accessibility to corporate data
• System event auditing
• Anti-virus protection
Study author and IBM i security expert Robin Tatam will discuss the current state of IBM i security and explain ways to fix the faulty configurations putting your system at risk.


Against the Clock, Quick-fire Systems Management Tools, Tips and Techniques - Ash Giddings
‚ÄčThis session will provide attendees with 30+ IBM i systems management tips, tools and techniques that are available free of change with the operating system. Some have been around since day 1, others added at V7R3 TR1. Join Ash Giddings on this quick-fire session to bring you up to speed!

  Case Study: Using the IBM i as a Platform to Deliver a Multi-award Winning Cloud-based Application - Shahid Latif
STREAM is a cloud based multi-award winning delivery and transport management application running on IBM i and delivered via the internet and smartphones. STREAM is available on a monthly subscriptions basis and used by many organisations across the UK and Ireland, collecting and delivering a wide range of goods and services. 

A customer representative will give a presentation on their experiences of on boarding and using STREAM as a cloud-based solution. 

Proximity will present on some of the infrastructure and application requirements for delivering a multi-tenant cloud based service including:
• Security
• High availability / DR
• Single, shared (multi-tenant) database
• Reporting and downloads
• Designing for any device – mobile, desktop etc.
• Barcode scanning
• Online and offline use for drivers
• Free trials
• High speed / low cost on boarding for new clients

  Decode the Barcode | Barcoding for the IBM i enterprise - Andrew Nicholson


Demystifying External Storage and PowerHA for IBM i – Exploring the Operational, Performance and Resiliency Benefits of Moving to External Disk - Tom Richards and Tsetso Marinov
For many years, External SAN storage for IBM i was a luxury that only Enterprise Clients could afford – in fact over 70% of IBM’s Large User Group have moved to external storage for their IBM i workload.  With the proliferation of affordable IBM external storage solutions, this session explores some of the key performance, operational and resiliency benefits that SAN storage can now provide to all sizes of client.  Using real Client examples, we will discuss all-Flash solutions, the operational benefits around backup and recovery along with an overview and demonstration of IBM PowerHA.

  Development of a Modern Triage Application -  John Cummins
John will present his experiences with introducing a new Triage application on the IBM i.
Triage is a very graphical app with drag and drop features that allows call handlers to view a flat car image and record detailed damage information on it while on the phone with the customer.  The system then automatically determines the most appropriate resource that can best do the repair, matches to the customer profile and displays a selection of repairers that have available capacity so the call handler can book in the job.

  Embedded SQL - Beyond the Basics - Paul Tuohy
You have been using embedded SQL in RPG. You have mastered the syntax, tried a few selects, declared a cursor, performed an update - you may even have tried some dynamic SQL!

Time to take it to the next stage and see what you can do with embedded SQL - beyond the basics

Topics covered in this session include:-
• Discussion of the key points in writing powerful embedded SQL
• What tools should you use to write and test SQL prior to embedding it?
• Controlling CRTSQLRPGI
• SQLCA and SQLCODE considerations
• Getting data without SELECT - GET DIAGNOSTICS and VALUES INTO
• Talking to Watson with Embedded SQL
• Mastering Multi Row Fetch
• Handling NULL
• Dates, Times and Timestamps

Freeing Up Your Overnight Window using IBM FSFCM - Jeff Blight
Many companies are being squeezed to reduce their reduce their overnight batch processing times. With the wide adoption of external storage and option many customers are looking at is the use of Point-in-Time copies (Flash Copy) to elevate the backup window. In this session will will take a look at the IBM Lab Services FSFCM toolkit and how it can be integrated into a business to reduce batch processing windows.


Get SAM to Save You Money on IBM Software - John Taylor
  Heterogeneous Database Replication - Mirco Cayetano
Database replication is now taken to a higher level. Smartdata  from QSL provides realtime database replication and backup which have never been more easy as from today. 

Using the smartdata tool it is possible to extract, combine, anonymise and backup data from heterogenous databases  in various ways, all by using the easy graphical user interface tool. Independent database architecture and independent operating system support with just a very small cpu and memory footprint on the server. The possibilities are endless. 

SmartData is another tool from the Quick Software Line from Traders – France, known for their state of art High Availability solutions.

  How healthy is your IBM i? - Steve Bradshaw
We all know our favourite system is a tough cookie, it soldiers on day in day out with little support from us but how can you actually tell how healthy it really is?
In this session, Steve will run you through a series of simple ideas that you can take away and try on your system. They will not only help you quickly gauge the current health of your system but also allow you to track changes in behaviour and help you to detect changes early and plan your future needs with confidence. 

In most cases we find that following these simple steps will not only improve the performance of your server but extend it's working life and reduce the need for upgrades.


IBM and Artificial Intelligence - David Spurway
The robots are coming! From the Laundriod folding laundry to teaching servers to recognise the breed of a dog, our solutions are now learning rather than being programmed. IBM Power Systems form the heart of the Cognitive Systems Hardware Offerings, where we enjoy clear leadership through the acceleration components from our OpenPOWER Foundation Partners and hybrid cloud. Come hear how these new solutions complement our existing ones and how our leadership will extend even further soon...


i Need Mobile Security - Stuart Stebbings
Stuart, no stranger to our regular Members and a long-time supporter of i-UG returns to us this year to offer some insights into the growing phenomenon of Mobile Computing, what we need to be aware of and what we should be doing to protect ourselves.
  Meridian IT's DevOps in the Cloud - Andy Haley and Andrew Ireland

  Power up with the MIMIX Clan! -  Stephan Leisse
Find out how to Move, Share and Protect your Data in a Flash with the MIMIX family of products 

  Release the power of digital communications – Sam Dix
Are you primed to help your organization implement its customer engagement initiatives, with IBM i as the strategic platform of choice? 
This session will explore how to unlock your existing IT assets, transform data in new ways and deliver incredible value to your business, without compromising core systems.


Surviving an IBM Software Audit! - Steve Way and John Taylor
IBM Software Audit pending? It’s a nerve-wracking experience! You may have been lucky enough to have escaped so far, but did you know you can negotiate and save money?  Stephen Way, former Chairman of the CUA user group, describes his experiences and lessons learned. He is joined by John Taylor of Typex who will address the licence terms and some specific ways of saving money with IBM i.


Talking to IBM i - Case Studies - John Taylor
Do you employ people to read information from IBM i screens and relay it over the phone?  Did you know that IBM I can talk to them itself?  Come and look at what real customers do with their systems.

  The Modernisation of an ERP System - Jesper Omer
A journey towards a modern ERP system in a busy and successful company. The history of modernization of an existing 5250 based ERP system using the latest technology on IBMi.

See how HT BENDIX A/S utilizes modern tools and techniques and the open-source platform Node.JS to create effective business solutions. See the China portal, the product database maintenance with dynamic structure of product texts, the responsive website and the dynamic PDF catalog.
The session will be a combination of slides and live demo in a production environment. It will primarily focus on business logic, business processes, practical examples and ease of use in order to work smarter and more effective. A story told from an IBM customers point of view.

  The Scope of Security - Rivington Security Services
Rivington Information Security provides high calibre Information Security Consultancy and Managed Security services, working with organisations to overcome their Information Security challenges and achieve the desired maturity allowing for secure business operations, protection of data and systems.

Rivington has worked with a great many companies looking into what needs to be protected, how to protect it, what are the penalties and downsides of not protecting it and who might go to jail if you fail.
Taking a holistic approach in this presentation, Rivington outlines the main areas to concentrate on from a corporate perspective and sets the tone for the remaining security related sessions running throughout the conference.

Ticking the Buzzword Boxes Without Actually Destroying Your System of Record - Rhiannon Dakin
How to bring your organisation back from the cliff edge and achieve all your digital objectives without migrating or re-engineering. Discover how you can easily enable mobile access, SOA, cloud, IoT and UI modernisation without compromising your business logic, performance or safety. 


User Experience Panel - hosted by Mike Ryan
We all enjoy sessions where a User presents a walk-through of their own User Experiences… except the User themselves.  Apart from it being a tough job to stand up and present – which is generally not their day job – getting it all together takes time too.  There is also the dilemma of deciding to see a relevant User Experience or listen to another focussed topic of particular interest.  So, this year we have come up with a new approach and that is to stage-manage a number of User Experiences together to the whole Delegate audience so that we all get a good cross section of activity that others are experiencing and enjoy this real-life information without missing other sessions.
In this gathering, we will cover a new application delivery, use of IBM i and the Cloud and a get a sobering insight into Application Licence Management.  Mike will coordinate the presentations and bring in an expert panel to assist in getting the messages across.

Why Modernization Matters - Alison Butterill
Modernization of applications and data opens to the door to creative solutions for business problems. Introducing Free Format RPG, eclipse tools, agile processes for development and implementing good DevOps practices means superior applications are delivered faster. What are these things and how can they be implemented within a business application? This session answers those questions.

  Wonderflow - Steve Cast
The Unified Software Change Management workflow for your modernised IBM i development.  
This session covers the only complete Software Change Management solution for IBM i development; including workflow, documentation and analysis, issue tracking, and object deployment all within a single GUI.


Writing Web Services - Tracy Eastwood

Write Your Own RPG Open Access Handler - Easier Than Pi - Trevor Perry
RPG Open Access (RPGOA) has been called "the future of RPG on IBM i." Yet we have been told there are myths surrounding RPGOA. A standards committee has been established to guide the community to a consistent approach to RPGOA development and communication, but it has yet to gain much traction. Looking back to the introduction of RPGOA, the confusion and lack of information persists. 
This session will explain RPG Open Access, starting with a basic explanation and overview. It will describe actual customer implementations, and theorize on future possible uses for RPGOA. This session will also introduce you to resources on how to build your own RPGOA handlers to extend your existing applications and build modern IBM i applications from scratch.


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