Tuesday morning - 13th June

Paul Tuohy
9.30 - 13.05

SQL for RPG Programmers Part 1 - (Part 2 continued in the afternoon)
SQL is being used more and more by the RPG programmer. Not only is SQL replacing DDS for defining databases but it is being used extensively within RPG programs.

This two part hands-on workshop concentrates on the how to code SQL's Data Manipulation Language (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) and how to embed SQL in RPG programs. There is also an overview of SQL's Data Definition Language(DDL). It is assumed that the attendee has some basic SQL language experience - such as using interactive SQL to query a table.

Topics include:-
Data Manipulation Language (DML)
Retrieving Data (SELECT, FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY) 
Column Functions SQL Functions 
Selecting From Multiple Tables/Views Embedded SQL Basic Syntax 
Using host variables 
Using a SELECT statement 
Using a Cursor Identifying and handling errors 
The power of INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE Compile options

This is a Bring-Your-Own-Laptop workshop. Information on the software needed to be installed prior to the workshop will be provided in advance of the session.

Note: Attendees are expected to attend both parts 1 and 2. If you wish you can take just part 1, but missing part 1 and trying to jump into part 2 is not recommended.

Tracy Eastwood
9.30 - 13.05

Writing Web Services

This workshop on IBM i  Web Services Training, will deliver is a beginners guide to using (consuming) and hosting web services on the IBM i 

This will explore some techniques on how we can all start use this for cross platform communications, enabling you to use your data safely. 

The training course will focus on the following aspects of IBM i Web Services, teaching students how to set up their own environment and how to get started 
Creating an IBM i web service server 
Create Web Service Application (RPGLE) 
Deploy New Service - SOAP, REST 
Consume Web service HTML 
Consume Web Service RPGLE 
Sorry - this workshop is now fully booked.

Andy Youens
9.30 - 13.05

IBM i 7.3 - Authority Collection Services

One of the great new functions IBM has built into IBM i as standard, and free of charge in 7.3, is the Authority Collection Services.  This works a little like the performance collection services, in that you start it for one or more users to monitor access to objects in one or more Libraries or Directories.

Sounds good I hear you cry but what’s the point of that?  – Well, have you even wondered what Security Permissions you actually need as a bare minimum in order to let your users do their job?  Well, this is what this tool does, it monitors access to objects and logs what sort of access they need in order to use the applications they actually use, in the way they actually use them.

In short, no more guessing, no more giving users *CHANGE level access if they only need *USE and best of all no need to give users *ALL access just because you are not sure if one function they use might need it at some point.

But the end of this workshop you will know how to work out exactly what security access your users need to do there jobs on your systems, with your data, working the way that they actually work.

Doug Mack
9.30 - 13.05

DB2 Web Query Hands On Workshop

In its simplest form, DB2 Web Query can modernize your Query/400 reporting environment. But its much more than that, from advanced visualization based dashboards to building a data warehouse to isolate and/or optimize your business analytics. You can even leverage the many sample reports included with the new EZ-Install package to get a fast start or use DB2 Web Query for tracking system utilization information. This session will give you a hands on experience building reports and advanced charts. Come learn about use cases for DB2 Web Query - from analyzing your Query/400 environment to connecting to Watson!

Tuesday Afternoon - 13th June

Paul Tuohy
14.05 - 17.35

SQL for RPG Programmers Part 2 - (Continued from Part 1 in the morning)
(See top of page for details)

Steve Bradshaw
14.05 - 17.35

iNav - IBM Navigator for i

This FREE, built in, browser based System Admin tool has been around for a few years and yet it still seems to be one of the best kept secrets in IBM i.  In this workshop we show you how to get the most from it.  We explore the new features like real-time Dash Board system monitoring and Performance Graph history as well as some of the fundamentals like User and Job Management.
By the end of this session you will have a thorough understanding of what this tool can do for you and how you can start using it from the moment you get back to your system.  
See how this simple GUI can enable enable non-IBM i SysAdmins to monitor your system and perform everyday tasks like password resets. 
We also go on to introduce you to the comprehensive Performance and Database Management information that is built into the system.
This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to understand more about how their system ticks.
Sorry - this workshop is now fully booked.

Andy Youens
14.05 - 17.35


Administration Runtime Expert assists with application & system administration. Simplify your daily checks, get rid of that morning tick sheet!  In this workshop we will show you how to customise ARE to ease the burden of managing  your system and ensure consistent performance and deployment for the load on your server.

Pete Samways
14.05 - 17.35

Responsive PHP Web Development on IBM i

A practical session that will develop a screen that will run beautifully on desktop or mobile.
PHP is a modern programming language ideally suited to development on the IBM i. This session will enable you to start using the tools and learning the techniques needed to deliver responsive web applications based on existing IBM i data. At the end of the workshop participants will have created their own PHP application and been able to test and further develop the result for both mobile and desktop. We will also introduce GIT source management and Bootstrap responsive design during the session.


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