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Keynote: The Road to Office 365 and the Future of Cloud Development by Chris Johnson
IT in the cloud changes everything, from the way software is deployed to how it’s customized, governed and managed. Our desire to tailor, customize and build products and solutions for cloud software is a critical part of ensuring an organizations ability to meet their needs.  In this keynote Chris will discuss the progress Office 365 is making in cloud computing, the investments Microsoft are making to ensure Office 365 is a great development platform for the future and the opportunities for partners in the Microsoft cloud world.

Keynote: SharePoint Social Integration: Good, Better, Best by Christian Buckley
The world is witnessing the dawn of the social organization, with rapidly evolving solutions that impact team dynamics, collaboration, and real-time communication. For many managers, it can difficult keeping up with all of the features and roadmaps. New options within SharePoint, Office365 and Yammer are exciting, but many teams struggle to develop a social strategy that aligns with their business needs. This keynote will walk through the levels of SharePoint and Yammer integration available today, providing some real-world example and guidance to help attendees make more informed choices and develop the right social strategy for their organizations.

Providing search intents for your SharePoint 2013 search with Apps - Albert-Jan Schot
With SharePoint 2013 Microsoft released a new application model and introduced a new search experience. By leveraging the new Application Model and SharePoint Search we can build apps that provide search intents. By providing these type of functionalities to the SharePoint Search interface you can help your users to ask user friendly questions and be provided with meaningful results.
Level 300

SharePoint functionality: To Build or to Buy? Let's ask Pareto! - Andre Krijnen and Femke Goedhart
"SharePoint is the complete solution for collaboration, document management and sharing knowledge across our organisation, and even beyond. It will drive our business!" For the last ten years it was this that message IT-departments used to get budget-approval to implement the platform we all know and love (and yes, sometimes hate). The reality is though that lots of companies struggle to get beyond using it as an intranet or document file storage. What happened to our promise to cover not just the 'sharing' and 'storage' part but really enhance our business processes with specific functionality tailored to the collaborative working? Like HR who needs functionality to support annual reviews, quality control who wants to monitor key performance indicators or the support departments who want to gauge customer satisfaction? "No problem!", most IT departments standard Pavlov reaction to these request was: "we'll build it ...!" But that takes lots of time, money and can cause massive delays which often also begs the question: isn't there another way? Aren't we inventing the wheel when others surely have already done so?

In this session Femke Goedhart and André Krijnen will discuss the intricacies and challenges of deciding when to make a standard solution fit (non-standard) business requirements and when to build your own. Taking you from how to handle the familiar "but that won't fit OUR organization!" arguments to figuring out the pragmatic factors that are really important in taking such a decision. To show you how, we will take several real-life customer scenarios through a decision matrix based on the 80/20 principle of Vilfredo Pareto that can help you determine whether to go 'Build' or 'Buy and Extend'. It will give you handles and tips on how to guide a decision process that is often difficult and can touch nerves but that, in the long run, can help you really fulfill that initial goal: creating a true collaboration platform.
Level 100

Practical Guidance for Performing Large Scale Migrations - Andries den Haan
In 2013, our team performed a successful large scale migration from SharePoint 2003-2010 for approx. 4 TB/ 10.000 site collections within an environment of over 15.000 users and extensive customizations in the source environment.
This SharePoint session outlines our (team) approach, preparation, supportive (3rd party and custom developed) tooling, lessons learned and how we successfully migrated this data site within 2.5 months’ time.
This session is especially interesting for companies with large implementations struggling on how to best approach a migration (from and to any version of SharePoint) with the least amount of downtime and ensuring optimal business continuity.
Level 200

An Introduction to a Responsive Master Page with the Design Manager - Benjamin Niaulin
One of the biggest changes in SharePoint 2013 is the new Design Manager. Not to be confused with SharePoint Designer, the Design Manager is a set of tools and features in SharePoint to help you easily create your Master Pages, Page Layouts and Device Channels while working with tools like Dreamweaver. With mobile no longer an optional requirement in most web-based projects, this SharePoint session will look at how to build a Responsive Master Page using the Design Manager. You’ll get: -An introduction to Responsive Design -Understand what is the Design Manager -Create a simple Responsive HTML -Convert an HTML page to a SharePoint Master Page
A great session if you are looking to start branding your SharePoint.
Level 300

Cool Dashboards, Charts and Visualizations for Power Users - Benjamin Niaulin
Enough already with needing to be a developer or some kind of super IT person to build interesting and cool data visualizations. This session helps you, as a Power User; build interesting dashboards, charts, animations, data visualizations, KPI etc. with the new SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence features. Let’s explore things like Power Map, Power Pivot, Power BI and other cool ways to get the job done. Don’t be afraid to step into this world and show off some new skills after you leave the session packed with demos.
Level 200

Power BI - Asking Questions the Natural Way Using Q & A - Bjorn H Rapp
One of the most exciting features of Power BI is Q&A, a natural query language-based experience for interacting with data. In this session you will be shown examples on not just how to run efficient queries, but also how you can make your data more query-friendly by the use of synonyms and effective data modelling.
Level 300

Office 365 Services for Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications - Chris Johnson
You have heard about Apps for Office 365 … now hear about Office 365 for Apps! In this SharePoint session Chris will cover how you can leverage a new suite of services the Office 365 provides for your desktop, mobile and web based applications. Get out of the business of reinventing the wheel and build on the shoulders of giants. This session will be development heavy, demo heavy and fun heavy.
Level 300

Modern SharePoint Development - Techniques for Moving Code off SharePoint Servers - Chris O'Brien
Those implementing Office 365 know that custom code cannot run on the SharePoint servers, and remote code alternatives must be used. However, it can be valuable to adopt the same "cloud-friendly" development techniques even for on-premises implementations. In addition to increasing platform stability, this enables you to build in flexibility to your deployment - leaving the door open to a potential move to Office 365 in the future without major re-engineering. With several code-focused demos, this session examines approaches for switching to "off-box" code - including Remote Event Receivers, PowerShell and CSOM scripts and client-side JavaScript.
Level 400

Hybrid SharePoint Solutions for the Business Decision-Maker - Christian Buckley
Many organizations are not yet confident in their strategy for moving into the cloud, with some recognizing that they may never move all of their workloads into the cloud. Hybrid solutions are an option to help bridge the gap between existing environments and net-new workloads, but there are many different “flavors” to choose from. The intent of this session is to help IT business decision makers and their management teams understand the various SharePoint hybrid options available today, discussing issues like identity management and authentication, federated search, storage optimization, and the expansion of social tools, like Yammer. The goal is to give people a running start on building out their cloud strategies, with real-world examples of how to make the transition.
Level 200

Delivering Business Outcomes with Information and Service Governance - Dan Holme
How, exactly, do you architect a SharePoint implementation that allows you to enforce your governance policies for IT assurance, information management, and information architecture? What is the relationship between governance, architecture, compliance and manageability? How can you ensure that your architecture will scale with the growing and changing needs of your business without becoming unmanageable? And how should SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 impact architectural decisions? In this highly popular session, SharePoint MVP and governance thought leader Dan Holme explores the core processes of SharePoint governance, where the business and technical organizations come together to solve business problems by aligning SharePoint’s technical capabilities and limitations with the requirements of a solution, and make difficult decisions that define information and service governance policies.
Dan shares the secrets for creating a logical and physical SharePoint architecture that effectively supports information and service management across various real-world scenarios. You will learn how to enforce your governance policies with the optimal model of SharePoint farms—both on site and in the cloud—Web applications, site collections, and other components. You will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies and challenges of designing the logical and physical structure of SharePoint. You’ll learn what has changed in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, and how those changes impact architectural decisions. You will take away practical, blueprint-like guidance to what a governable SharePoint model might look like in your enterprise. And you will gain the tools necessary to lead your enterprise through a thoughtful and informed discussion of monolithic versus distributed architecture, centralized versus decentralized management, cost and benefit, risk and reward.
Level 100

End-to-End SharePoint Service Delivery and Governance - Dan Holme
 As organizations rely on SharePoint for business-critical content, collaboration, process management, and applications, it becomes critical to define the governance of service delivery, end-to-end, from the identification of a business need to the development, deployment, and maintenance of a service that addresses that objective. In this comprehensive discussion, SharePoint MVP Dan Holme brings together elements of respected management, project and development frameworks, informed by his experience with and lessons learned from thousands of IT professionals, managers, developers, end users and CIOs around the globe.
Dan identifies the critical factors for successful governance and compliance, including vision, roles & responsibilities, accountability, measurability, process, and iteration. You come away with messages you can use to understand and communicate the role of SharePoint to your organization, an invaluable framework with which to translate requirements to design, guidance for avoiding requirement gathering spin-cycles, and an understanding of the strategic, cultural and procedural components of a successful SharePoint implementation.
Level 100

Designing a SharePoint Online Intranet - Danny Burlage
With Office 365, SharePoint Online provides capabilities to create an Intranet. In this session lessons from the field will be shared. What should your absolutely do in SharePoint Online and what shouldn’t you do.
Level 200

Advanced SharePoint Troubleshooting - Donald Hessing
Analysing and troubleshooting a running SharePoint farm can be challenging. As SharePoint depends on so many components like the Web Front End, Load Balancer, SQL Server, Storage Layer, Network, Domain Controllers it can be hard to determine the root cause or weak link. In this session we will show how to identify bottlenecks by analysing IIS, ULS, Storage Layer, SQL Server and its related Performance Counters and provide guidelines and emphasis on these thresholds. Examples and demos provided during the session are all based on collected customer outages!
Level 300

7 Tenets of Highly Scalable SharePoint 2013 Apps - Edin Kapic
Learn best practices and patterns to build your next super scalable SharePoint 2013 App. You will see how to pair the power of the browser and the cloud to build a SharePoint app that runs like a cheetah. We will go in depth on how the modern SharePoint 2013 app is built on Windows Azure, demo and learn how to manage the different mechanisms for scaling that are available to us, such as non-relational databases, cache, asynchronous API calls and queuing. You will take away code samples and guidance that will enable you to scale you next SharePoint 2013 app.
Level 300

Social Business Value Demystified: Real-World Experiences - Edin Kapic
The core message of SharePoint 2013 is that social computing is here to stay. However, organizations keep facing conflicting messages on how to align business value and social technologies. In this session you will learn how to connect business value and social features of SharePoint in order to support the organizational activities, how to organize communities of knowledge and how to integrate search and metadata into your overall social enterprise strategy. Learn from the real-world social experiences with SharePoint and avoid the common mistakes in your organization social strategy.
Level 100

Developing and Debugging Remote Event Receivers - Erwin van Hunen
Now that coded sandbox solutions have been deprecated, it can become a challenge to execute business logic acting on certain events. Remote event receivers are the answer to that challenge. In this session I will go through and demo some of the more common patterns on how to create them, how to host them, and especially how to debug them using Azure Service bus.
Level 300

Office 365: The Year in Review and Next Year, too! - Jasper Oosterveld
  OneDrive for Business, Office Online, Yammer, Power BI, Office for iPad, Delve, Office 365 Groups! 2014 has been an amazing year for Office 365 with a release of dozens of updates, fixes and new features. A new era of collaboration and connectivity is upon us, there is no stopping Office 365 and there is much more on its way. During this session we are going to take a look at this awesome year for Office 365 and review the biggest releases! We finish the session with a quick peek in the future and see what next year is going to bring us.
Level 100

Successfully Combining Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration with SharePoint Online - Marianne van Wanrooij
You have decided that SharePoint Online is the platform for your organisation to support Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management. What are the next steps? How do you successfully design a workplace for your users? In this session Marianne will share her real life experience implementing SharePoint Online at an enterprise organisation. She will take you through the process of designing, planning, facilitating the implementation stage and ensuring end-user adoption.
Level 200

Advanced List Rendering using JSLink and Display Templates - Martin Hatch
We will walk through what you can achieve using the new Display Templates using nothing but JavaScript and CSS. This will quickly cover the basic steps of overriding views and field rendering then move onto more complex scenarios such as overriding save and validation mechanisms and utilising REST and CSOM APIs to provide Cascading Drop-Downs, Filtered Lookups and Geospatial Mapping.
Level 400

A Practical Guide for Navigating the Clouds - Mary Leigh Mackie
Cloud computing today is enterprise software’s version of the buffet: With so many options, where should you begin? Should you go for the whole smorgasbord at once, or pick and choose the menu items that are best for you through offerings such as Office 365? With the ability to use Azure to host SharePoint for infrastructure-as-a-service, organizations have more options than ever at their fingertips. Each option has its advantages – as well as risks. No matter where your SharePoint environment and content resides – governance and compliance concerns such as privacy and information security must be addressed. In this presentation, we’ll provide a blueprint for successfully navigating which deployment option is best suited to house your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure based on governance and compliance considerations – whether “all in”, hybrid, or on premises, including:
• Review of the Business Case: Why does the cloud make sense?
• Governance Considerations: When does the cloud make sense?
• Information Management Considerations: Which content is cloud appropriate?
• Change Management: How can we alter today’s plans to realize tomorrow’s opportunities?
• Real World Implementations: How large, financial institutions have implemented compliance and governance across their enterprise
Level 200

SharePoint Continuous Integration with VS Online and Azure - Matthias Einig
With the Cloud Services Azure and VS Online professional SharePoint Development has never been easier.
Having the infrastructure available on demand and only paying per use allows you to build complete production-like SharePoint farms in no time at minimal costs.
VS Online on the other hand provides everything you need to develop projects alone or in a team.
SourceControl, WorkItems, TeamBuild, Automated Testing including the traceability of all of it and detailed reporting.
Even better, with an MSDN subscription both VS Online and Azure is already included.

This session will show you how to
- use VS Online to automatically build your SharePoint solutions and apps
- automatically deploy your SharePoint solutions to the staging farm with VS Online
- automatically deploy your Provider Hosted Apps to SharePoint Online and Azure
Level 400

Search Queries Explained – A Deep Dive into Query Rules, Query Variables and Search Orchestration - Mikael Svenson
The query framework of SharePoint 2013 is a vast one, and it takes time to learn and master. In this session, you will get an overview of the latent capabilities with query rules and learn how you can maximize the use of query rules when building search driven pages using the Content by Search web part. The session is built around my blog series “SharePoint Search Queries Explained”
Level 300/400

Techniques for Creating Social Refiners in SharePoint Search - Mikael Svenson
This session will show how you can use custom display templates to enrich your search experience using javascript and JSOM to build better user experiences.
Level 300

Upgrading Custom SharePoint 2010 Solutions to SharePoint 2013 - Mirjam van Olst
With each new release of SharePoint, Microsoft make substantial improvements to the upgrade experience, however it remains a key challenge for customers. When custom solutions are part of the deployment the upgrade complexity increases significantly. Upgrades to SharePoint 2013 are no exception.
The two phased approach to upgrade, platform then sites, provides a manageable and predictable upgrade experience for administrators. However, developers much ensure their solutions work both before and after the content is upgraded and the very best case will mean at least additional test scenarios.
SharePoint 2013 also introduces the Cloud App Model (CAM) for SharePoint, which is positioned as the future of customizations in SharePoint. So should you recreate your full trust solutions as CAM apps as part of your SharePoint upgrade?
This session will discuss the fundamental considerations for upgrading custom SharePoint 2010 solutions to SharePoint 2013 and it will discuss the pros and cons of the different options in different situations.
Level 300

Innovate New Products & Services with the Power of Enterprise Social Graphing - Naomi Moneypenny
You may have heard about the Social Graph in Facebook and Google but wondered how this kind of technology can be made use of in the enterprise? Delve into this future looking session with the social intelligence of Office Graph, SharePoint and big data reporting services to learn more about your internal users and consumers from your public facing sites. Naomi will demonstrate use cases that show how SharePoint can be the glue between innovative applications of big data and enterprise reporting to glean insights for your organization. We won’t get into code in this session, but instead focus on new tools and novel ways to combine information to get insights.
Level 200

So You’ve Got Yammer & SharePoint: What’s Next? - Naomi Moneypenny
Have you just started using Yammer or need to reboot your network? Got those first users on board and seeing value, but need to understand what it really takes to get sustained usage and adoption across the platforms? Then this is the session for you. We'll look at the success factors it takes to get adoption in your organization and corporate culture, by interactively discussing a framework to help plot a roadmap on how to make your journey successful. Every organization is different, but there are tools and approaches in governance, sponsorship and enabling power users that can be learned from. Naomi will share case studies on what has been successful in different types of companies/industries.
Level 100/200

Building an App Forms Business Solution - Penelope Coventry
In this session, after a brief introduction on how to use Microsoft Access® 2013 to build Microsoft® SharePoint® apps with a full SQL Server® database, Penny will demonstrate how such technology was used in an actual business scenario. Most of the session will be ‘no-code’, and Penny will discuss hints and tips that she found useful. This session is applicable to information users, using either Office 365™ or an on-premises installation of Microsoft SharePoint® 2013. This session also briefly summarise other existing and planned SharePoint-related Microsoft Forms solutions, such as Excel Surveys (aka “FoSS”), and Forms on SharePoint Lists (aka “FoSL”).
Level 100

Configuring and maintaining an On-premises environment for SharePoint Apps - Sam Hassani
This session will teach you everything that you need to know in order to understand and maintain SharePoint Apps as an IT Pro. Learn about the different flavours of Apps, the underlying Apps architecture, how to configure an on-premises environment to support Apps and how to maintain Apps in your environment.
Level 300

Configuring SharePoint Hybrid End-to-End - Sam Hassani
A Hybrid environment combining SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online can fuse together the very best elements of both systems and offer a seamless experience to end-users when implemented correctly. Attend this session to understand the solutions SharePoint hybrid environments support. We'll walk through the end-to-end configuration process covering infrastructure, identity management and SharePoint integration points using Search as a real-world example.
Level 300

10 Worst Practices for SharePoint Intranets - Sam Marshall
It's good to learn from your mistakes - but it's a lot cheaper to learn from someone else's. This is a guided tour of business mis-use of SharePoint, covering internal communications pitfalls, team collaboration nightmares, failed launches, and tales of when governance goes bad. It will be Illustrated with real-world examples, tips on traps to avoid and advice on how to get it right.
Level 100

Building a Digital Workplace on SharePoint - Sam Marshall
Installing SharePoint is like fitting a kitchen: if the outcome you want is great food there’s still a lot more you have to put in place. It's very likely that you already have a digital workplace: the system of tools, online services and software that people use to do their job. But it probably wasn't planned to fit together well, creating confusion about what tool to use when, especially for collaborating, sharing documents and internal communications. Can SharePoint be your salvation as a way to bring coherence to it all? Should it replace or sit alongside your intranet? Where does Yammer fit in? What else do you need to plan for? I'll share some simplifying approaches, with a dose of reality thrown in.
Level 100

3rd Party JavaScript Libraries You Need to Know - Scot Hillier
The new app model makes JavaScript an important, required skill for Office and SharePoint developers, but that's only the beginning. Along with learning the proper JavaScript patterns for app development, Office and SharePoint developers must also know the vast landscape of third-party JavaScript libraries like AngularJS, Knockout, Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, and Breeze, which provide powerful capabilities along with MVC and MVVM pattern support. In this session, we'll examine the capabilities of these key 3rd party JavaScript libraries, which are essential for building robust, modern SharePoint apps. Session attendees will leave ready to write solid, maintainable JavaScript code that leverages the power of these libraries.
Level 400

Build Your Own REST Service with WebAPI 2 - Scot Hillier
REST and OData are the foundation of data access in a cloud-based world. Office and SharePoint developers are well aware of the new RESTful endpoints available in SharePoint 2013 and may have already consumed some publically-available RESTful endpoints from the Internet. Many apps, however, will require their own RESTful service for accessing custom app data. In this SharePoint session, we'll cover the fundamentals of creating custom RESTful services with WebAPI 2 and consuming those services in Office and SharePoint apps. Additionally, the session will present approaches for securing your custom services and accessing them across domains. Attendees will exit the session ready to build custom RESTful services for their Office and SharePoint apps.
Level 400

Have PowerShell, Will SharePoint - Seb Matthews
Got your SharePoint environment deployed? On-premises? In the Cloud? Hybrid? The challenges of SharePoint don’t end when you’ve deployed - they’re only just beginning. Based on real world experiences, this session brings to bear the breadth of options with PowerShell in the context of the on-going management of SharePoint. * Need monitoring but have limited budgets? * Don’t have the time or patience for System Center? * Your databases need administration but you don’t have a DBA? * Want no-code solutions to commonplace administration tasks? Packed with demos, tips and tricks, this session truly shows the power of PowerShell for SharePoint on-premises or online - no previous experience required!
Level 200

SharePoint and Azure - The Best of Friends! - Seb Matthews
SharePoint and Azure are made for each other. Today, the Cloud should be considered when organisations are making decisions about how SharePoint environments can be architected. In scenarios where Office 365 just doesn’t cut it, you’re not excluded from the Cloud. With Azure, Microsoft’s Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) offering you can build dependable, scalable, cost-effective Private Clouds that can bridge the gap between the Cloud and on-premises. In this session we will look at what the options are for implementing SharePoint in the Cloud with Azure and what the opportunity is for making your Cloud and on-premises infrastructure work effectively as a hybrid. If you want to know the facts about Azure and SharePoint, this session is for you.
Level 200

Designing, Deploying, and Managing Workflow Manager Farms - Spencer Harbar
Workflow Manager is a new product that provides support for SharePoint 2013 workflows. This session will look at the architecture and design considerations that are required for deploying a Workflow Manager farm. We will also examine the business continuity management options to provide high availability and disaster recovery scenarios. If you want a deep dive on how Workflow Manager works, then this is the session for you.
Level 300

Office Web Apps 2013 Deployment and Operations - Spencer Harbar
Microsoft Office Web Apps 2013 is a crucial part of any SharePoint, Exchange and Lync on-premises deployment. In this session we will dive into the details of planning, deploying and operating your Office Web Apps server farm. Through a number of demos we will create a new farm from scratch, make it highly available and then connect it to SharePoint and Exchange. We will cover aspects such as scale considerations, patching with minimum downtime and security decisions you have to take as an Office Web Apps farm admin.
Level 300

SharePoint 2013 & ADFS in the Real World - Thomas Vochten
We’ve all seen those next-next-finish demos of connecting SharePoint to ADFS. Just a few lines of PowerShell and you’re done, right? Not really. When you choose to implement SAML claims with SharePoint (because that’s what it is) there are a number of difficulties that you’ll need to overcome. The people picker doesn’t work anymore, user profile import becomes more complicated and even using some SharePoint apps will be problematic. We’ll also cover the infrastructure side like making it work with host named site collections, reverse proxy servers and federation with other user directories.
Level 300

SQL Server for SharePoint Professionals - Thomas Vochten
The single most important contributing factor to SharePoint performance is the underlying SQL Server database platform. In this session you’ll learn how to setup, tune and tweak a database instance especially for SharePoint. If you’re an involuntary DBA (like me), this session is not to be missed!
Level 200

Demystifying User Adoption - Tom Rovers
If SharePoint isn’t used, it cannot provide businesses and users with value. Although this is common sense there are still many organisations that are struggling with user adoption. In this session I will demystify user adoption by breaking it down to the essentials and presenting tools and best practices that I use and have been proven to deliver results.
Level 100

Building Solutions with Office Graph - Waldek Mastykarz
Recently released Office Delve surfaces personalized content to you from across Office 365. Powered by the Office Graph, Delve shows you information based on what you're working on and what's trending around you.
In this session we will take a look at Office Graph – the engine powering Delve. From this presentation you will not only learn how Delve works but also how you can leverage the Office Graph for building solutions for your organization and customers.
Level 300

An Intro to the New Developer APIs for Office 365 - Wes Hackett & Chris O' Brien
Microsoft have stated that they will move away from SharePoint, Exchange and Lync APIs towards generic Office 365 APIs. The preview version of the first APIs were announced in March 2014, and cover several core building blocks for user collaboration - including mail, OneDrive files, calendar entries and contacts. Developers who need awareness of Office 365/hybrid scenarios can expect more such APIs in the future.
Get on the bus early - come learn about the APIs and the new permissions model ("the Common Consent framework") in this code-focused session.
Level 300

The King has Fallen Off his Development Throne - Wouter van Vugt
In this session you will learn from long-time SharePoint development mentor and full-trust code king Wouter why you should probably stop doing what you are doing and decouple yourself from SharePoint. Not for the everyday reason of 'apps are amazing' but there are many other drivers for decreasing your development complexity. Learn how to successfully remove your code from SharePoint whilst still being able to make use of its many features and while still maintaining a high degree of integration on a platform and user interface level (and no, that does not simply mean throwing the SharePoint CSS files into your app!)
Level 400

Sponsor Solution Sessions

Turn Your Paper Documents into Digital Assets – Fabien van ’t Woudt
80% of enterprise data is unstructured and hidden in paper files like letters, contracts and orders. Not integrating these documents effectively with your Microsoft SharePoint solution lowers adoption rate and leads to time being wasted searching for information. Therefore, it is essential that you turn your paper documents into digital assets.

In this session the challenges and opportunities of document capture and integration in Microsoft SharePoint are explored. Join me for the scanning process from an end-user viewpoint, automated routing, extended SharePoint search, automated extraction of metadata and smooth data entry into SharePoint columns for workflow integration and more.

At the end of this session you will be able to increase the value of Microsoft SharePoint without installing more servers or software by effectively integrating paper.

The Prize Fight: Digital Signatures vs Electronic Signatures - Gadi Aharoni
On one side of the ring we have Digital Signatures – they've been around for a while but are getting stronger and more secure with every passing year! On the other side we have Electronic Signatures – not as experienced but with plenty of muscle behind them! Automated signatures have become a must-have, the only question left is which type of signature will win the fight to be added to your SharePoint environment?

• What are the differences between digital signatures and electronic signatures?
• What is the technology behind them and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
• Top ten tips on how to easily sign documents from within your SharePoint environment
• Best practices for integrating automated signatures directly into your SharePoint workflows

SharePoint 2013: The Myths and Truths Of Shredded Storage and RBS - James Fowell
With the release of SharePoint 2013 last year there is still a lot of talk about the improvements with how SharePoint manages its underlying storage. But exactly what changed? What does Shredded Storage actually do? What about Remote BLOB Storage? Have the site sizing guidelines changed? Join us for this session as we answer these questions and clear up some of the confusion that exists in the community

James Fowell will continue Metalogix pioneering work and efforts to help the SharePoint Community understand the complexities and finer points of managing SharePoint storage. From the latest out of the box technologies to options for extending the storage capabilities, James is here to help you get to grips with matters.

In this session you will learn:
Overview of Shredded Storage in 2013
Overview of Remote BLOB Storage
Benefits of each technology and where and how to make use of them

Practical Business Use Cases for SharePoint and Office365-based Collaboration - Ran Shribman
 Organizations have invested heavily in Office 365 and SharePoint, but are struggling to realize business value. The miss key is identifying practical, high-value business scenarios. In this session, attendees will learn how to apply SharePoint and Office 365 to real-world business use cases for the anytime, anywhere Digital Workplace.

Appit Forms and Workflow Apps for SharePoint, in the cloud - Simon Allport
K2 Appit will provide the platform and tooling as a service for you. You bring your skills and cloud or on premise SharePoint environment and build your SharePoint apps in the browser.

Replace SharePoint forms with K2 smartforms, build reliable and feature rich workflows and incorporate data from SharePoint and external systems in your forms and workflow decisions.

Join us to see the K2 Appit platform and tooling in action.


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