How to Block Ransomware


Sami Laiho
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Room 1

The past few years can easily be called the era of ransomware. Many different file encrypting malwares have infected hundreds of thousands of machines and demanded Bitcoins in return for maybe getting the files back. This ransomware is a bit difficult to block in some cases as we can’t block the users from altering their own data but with Windows 7 and even better with Windows 10 we can build an effective protection by applying multiple different security techniques to our operating system. In this session one of the world’s leading Windows Security experts,

Sami Laiho, will guide you through how to protect your computers against these modern threats. This session will give solutions for different Windows versions ranging from Windows 7 Pro that doesn’t have AppLocker to the brand new Windows 10 Enterprise that has the newest features like successor of EMET called “Exploit Guard”. Whitelisting was regarded as the most important security feature by Gardner for 2018, and is now a requirement by many security baselines.