Visual LANSA provides an environment for building responsive Web applications on the IBMi without first mastering half-a-dozen different Web languages and technologies!

There are many Web development tools available on the market today, so why choose LANSA? Visual LANSA is not simply a page layout tool, but a complete web development methodology and tool set. The reasons for choosing LANSA include:
• Develop line-of-business Web apps without writing a single line of HTML, JavaScript or CSS code. None. Ever. LANSA generates all code for you.
• One simple programming language for both the server and the client, instead of using a slew of complex, flavour-of-the-day tools and technologies.
• Deliver Web apps that support multiple device types and sizes, including smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops; all rendered from the same code.
• Reduce the burden of maintaining your constantly evolving business apps.

Want to know more? Come and speak to us in the Expo area and ask to see Visual LANSA.