Journal Management and Interrogation


1:15 pm - 4:00 pm
Room A

Journaling is the underpinning mechanism used by all the logical software replication tools on the markets, including – in part – some elements of replication that is primarily covered by the IBM Hardware mirroring products.
However, the Journal mechanism can be of enormous value in logging, tracking and investigating why your database is showing any particular result as it has a blow-by-blow account of every action that has been made by any user or process on the database.
And, from a security aspect, you can see what changes are being made to data and objects and by whom.
Understanding how the Journals operate, how to manage the receivers, how to interrogate the Journal information and just what you can do with a Journal can be vital and illuminating.

In this workshop, learn: –
• The difference between the System Journal, Database Journals
• What to consider if you employ journaling for the IFS (Non QSYS)
• How to find out just what is being journaled and what isn’t
• Just what the various journal codes mean and how to search them out
• How to find out ‘WHO’ did ‘WHAT’ and ‘WHEN’ to the database
• How to get meaningful audit reporting from the Journal data
• How to manage your Journal data
• How to get the best performance from your journaling